#28 Christ Replacing Culture in the Book of Colossians (3)


#28 Christ Replacing Culture in the Book of Colossians (3)

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Brother Bob Henry finishes our series on Christ Replacing Culture in the Book of Colossians.

Scripture Reading: Col. 1:15​-18, 27; 2:9-10, 16-18; 3:4, 10-11

IV.As the constituent of the new man, Christ is all and in all; Christ is all the members, and He is in all the members—Col. 3:11:

A. In the church as the new man, Christ is everyone and He is also in everyone— 1:27​; 3:11​.

B. On the one hand, in the new man there is no place for the natural person, because Christ is all the members.

C. On the other hand, the fact that Christ is in all indicates that the members continue to exist, not without Christ but as those indwelt by Christ—1:27​.

D. When we take Christ as our life and constitution, we have the sense deep within that we are one with Christ and that Christ is us, and simultaneously, we have an even deeper sense that Christ is in us—3:4.

E. In the church as the new man, Christ is everything; this implies that all the believers must be constituted with Christ—1:15​-18; 2:16​-17; 3:4, 10-11:

1. We must be permeated with Christ, saturated with Christ, and have Christ organically wrought into our being—Gal. 4:19​; Eph. 3:17​a.

2. Eventually, we will be replaced by Christ, and then, in reality, Christ will be all and in all; He will be every part of the new man—Col. 3:11​b.

F. The new man is Christ in all the saints permeating us and replacing us until all natural distinctions have been eliminated, and everyone is constituted with Christ—Gal. 4:19​; Eph. 3:17​a; Col. 1:27​.

G. When we have the vision of the all-inclusive, extensive Christ with the adequate experience of Christ, the one new man will appear among us in a practical way, and we will realize the life of the new man—3:10​-17; Philem. 10-16.

H. If Christ is the living of all the saints, then only He will be in the new man, and all the saints, whatever their nationality, will live Christ; then in a real and practical way, Christ will be all the members of the new man—Col. 3:11​; Phil. 1:21​a.

V. The New Jerusalem will be the final consummation of the one new man— Eph. 2:15​-16; 4:24​; Col. 3:10​-11; Rev. 21:2, 9-10:

A. When we have become the New Jerusalem, we will enjoy the life of the universal one new man.

B. Today we may have a foretaste of this enjoyment by allowing the all-inclusive, extensive Christ to replace our culture, to constitute us with Himself, and to make us all part of the one new man in reality and practicality—Col. 1:27​; 2:10​; 3:4, 10-11.

“That which we have seen and heard we report also to you that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”

-1 John 1:3

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