And the prize goes to… (San Diego Zoo photo competition)

 Jennifer’s “Pretty in pink!” with ten votes!

The runners up were:

  • “Hallelujah I have found it!” – six votes
  • “Food coma!!!” – five votes
  • “Did someone say love feast?” – four votes
  • “In a low dungeon. Hope i had none”, “Looking away unto God”, All we need are the bear necessities” – two votes each

You can see all the entries here – votes after this point won’t count though!

Thank you to everyone who voted! We enjoyed reading your comments too; here are some for you enjoy too – you can try to guess which photo they voted for from the context!

  • Difficult to choose. Very good photos
  • Funny Benny
  • Great idea this photo competition!
  • How fun
  • Great! Lovely pictures.:)
  • Hard choice :(((
  • Honourable mentions are: did somebody say love feast and do not disturb but imo pretty in pink was the best photo. Whoever did “”I can hardly bear this”” idek what to say to you 😂”
  • Is that even an Eagle?
  • It’s a happy and positive feeling with a bright view.
  • It’s pretty
  • Love it
  • Nice blending
  • Only because flamingos are some of the coolest animals
  • Super cute! We have a love feast every Lord’s day and it looks like the children hehe.


Look out for the next photography competition, voting about to start in a few hours!

Part 3: Blending Day 3 – To the Zoo!

It was sad to say goodbye to our hospitality in SJC! Although it was only two days, we got to know them very well. We miss them already and will have to stay longer next time. Thank you for having us, saints! Praise the Lord for the one Body of Christ!

Our main activity today was San Diego Zoo. It was awesome! The best sight we’ve been to so far.

During the day, we held a photography competition! Click here to vote!

Some of us had lunch at the Sabertooth Grill (in the Zoo) it was great, although on the expensive side.

After the Zoo, we drove to Carlsbad and had dinner at Ruby’s Diner. They had good American burgers and the milkshakes where on point. It was great to be joined by some local saints for dinner!

After rearranging the vehicles, we travelled to Los Angeles where we will be staying for our last two nights in California. We are being received by saints in three of the halls of the church in Los Angeles. LA is massive, just like London! We really appreciate all the coordination of the saints to host us!