NACT Day 7 – We choose the way of life!

Saturday, 22nd July

Our schedule this last half day was slightly different, to give us time to pack and get ready to leave. But there was still a helpful morning revival fellowship video provided for us!

This morning’s video was a summary of all the fellowship we’ve had regarding spending time with the Lord in the morning.

We were reminded that Christ should be our goal whenever we come to spend time with him.

In order to touch Him, we need to quiet our inner being; singing, praying, pray-reading to help us take captive every thought into the obedience of Christ. We need to pour out our heart so He can fill it.

The brother mentioned specifically Hymns 255, 564 and 784 as hymns that can help us have a genuine opening before the Lord. He emphasised that the words of these hymns, as well as the Word of God, help us know what pray to touch the Lord.

The brother ended by reminding us that we shouldn’t come forward with the intention/purpose to confess sins, instead just focusing on touching him. Once we touch him, his light will shine on anything we need to confess.

Cześć from the brothers from Poland! See you again soon in Małe Ciche!
Hei from the brothers from South Korea and Norway! We were glad to be blended together on the SoCal blending trip!
So glad we got to see the sisters from Santa Ana so many times this week! ❤️
Thankful for the coordination and service of our dream team drivers!
Oh Lord! Amen! Hallelujah!
Receive the love of the truth! Holding to truth in love!

We were encouraged in the final meeting to let Christ be our Alpha and Omega of this training.

“Lord Jesus, You still have a word for us, we do not want to miss it!”

In the last meeting the brother shared from a few different outlines, and ended with sharing some verses about Noah and the Lord’s long-suffering, waiting for the ark to be prepared. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

We may pray, “Lord Jesus, come quickly!” And He would reply, “Okay, are you finished?” He is waiting with long-suffering for us to build the ark, the church, the bride!

There was also the encouragement to have “seven others”! The saints of all ages, and the ones near us! This is the way we can continue after the training.

To consecrate is not to make a promise. To consecrate is to daily give ourselves to the Lord.

Some of our enjoyment from the past two messages:

“In order to minister life to others and maintain our victory for the Lord to build up the church, we need to have a revived living. For that, we firstly need to allow Him to make His home in our hearts.”

“Your people will offer themselves willingly / In the day of Your warfare, / In the splendor of their consecration. / Your young men will be to You / Like the dew from the womb of the dawn.” (Psalms 110:3)

“Lord I have nothing to promise, but I open my being to You that You would gain what You want in me!”

“Lord here I am, I may not be the best, or the strongest, but I am here and I have a little power and I have Your word and I have Your name” – prayer of an overcomer.

“Something every heart is loving:
If not Jesus, none can rest;
Lord, my heart to Thee is given;
Take it, for it loves Thee best.”

Hymn 547

In God’s move, if He can step on us just one time, our whole life would be worth it.

We believe the Lord wouldn’t just step on us once – He will ride us to the end.

At the end of the meeting there was an invitation to consecrate freshly to the Lord and to tell Him that we love Him. Some of the brothers prayed for us and with us, which was very touching.

A few final pictures from SFC!

Leaving from State Farm Centre for the last time in 2023.
Dorm key drop off. Goodbye UICU!
Coach and cars back to the Streamwood, Chicago, and Lemont, to be reunited with our hosts for two more days!
Some of us joined the YP meeting in Chicago on Saturday evening.
Dinner before YP meeting
The rest of us arrived back in Streamwood! Thank You Lord for the local saints who picked us up and helped shuttle those who needed further transit to wait at the meeting hall (especially because it started to rain!).

And a big thank you to all the saints coordinating our transport for NACT – some of us were spread out for hospitality quite far in the Chicago Metro Area!

For some of us, today was our last day to be together, and we went straight back to the airport.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful blending and training, we really appreciate it. Enjoy your remaining days of blending in Chicago. See you in London or Belfast soon!”
“Boarding flight home now. Thank you for all the transport coordinations.”
A few of us headed to North Dakota for a little blending trip.

For those of us remaining in the Chicago Metro Area, we will be looking forward to the Lord’s tables in our host localities tomorrow, and an opportunity to overflow our enjoyment from the NACT.

Most of us fly back to the UK on Monday 24th – you can pray for our having a safe and enjoyable time with further blending and sightseeing here in the Chicago Metro Area for this next day and a bit!

Also, the East Coast (Northerners) trip will continue until the 26th!

“That which we have seen and heard we report also to you that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”

-1 John 1:3

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