NACT Day 4 – Growing up together in the Lord!

Wednesday, 19th July

UK sisters reunions on the way to breakfast.

Squeeze God and you get out love!

Bumping into Joanna again. Thank You Lord for all the saints serving with registration and the NACT so we could be here!

Lord, we are open for Your speaking again today!

Working on Wednesday’s memory verses!
Lord, conquer our hearts today with Your prevailing love.

Love Prevails (Song 62)



The test on Wednesday went to the saints from the Spanish speaking countries!

After the morning meeting on The Truth versus the Lie, we had practical fellowship on Praying the Word. One of the brothers gave us an illustration of how we can sing-pray and pray-sing, to sing our prayer to the Lord.

“After we become a Christian, our most immediate need is to receive spiritual nourishment by praying God’s Word, which we can practice by pray-reading the words of the Bible, musing on them, singing them, and psalming them.”

– Focus statement of “Praying the Word” practical fellowship

“The secret of not having a training high and then collapsing afterwards is taking in God’s word.”

We are now at the halfway point of the training and the brothers encouraged us to have adequate rest (lying horizontal) during the allocated rest time this afternoon, rather than resting during the evening meeting 🙂 A lot of us were very tired this morning, so we shall take heed to this!

Singing as Rose cohort leaves to lunch. Black and Blue cohorts enjoy musing on God’s word during the personal Bible reading time.
Christ is the tree of life! Let’s choose the way of life! (Song 5)
Walking according to the Spirit on the way to lunch!

Blending among the UK sisters.

The weather has gotten hot today, 30°C! It is nice in the shade though, and there’s an ice cream machine in the cafeteria 🙂

On the way to volleyball!

Knoxville, NYC, and London volleyball blending!
Frisbee – Team GB
Singing time during the recreation time.

Soft tacos for dinner tonight!

Sped walked to SFC so we’d get seats in the front section for the meeting tonight!

A lot of the UK saints had the same thought! 🙂
Hi everyone back home!
This river is…
Huge! Deep! Wide! Clear! Pure! Bright!
“We know that we have passed out of death into life because we love the brothers.” (1 John 3.14a) (Song 71)

Growing Up Together in the Lord (Song 12)

Never Did I Dream Before

A living example of getting the water from the word! We wash one another with the water in the word!

Tonight after the meeting, the brothers asked us to share 30-second testimonies of our experience of the love of the brothers, which is seen practically in our washing one another’s feet with the water in the Word (John 13).

The UK and related saints gathered at the front after the meeting to take a group photo!
Our mouths are open so the Lord can fill us! (Psalms 81:10) Also because we were singing 🙂

Our enjoyment from tonight’s message on Love One Another:



“We can wash one another’s feet by speaking life to one another!! May we touch life in the Word by the Spirit!!”

“No condemnation, just washing!”

“In order to water others we need to get washed first by the word!”

“How precious to be in the Word day after day and year after year and to get the washing, to get the life!”

“Instead of judging and condemning others, we need to water them with the washing of the Word. The Lord will be the One doing the weeding and removing of rocks.”

Proverbs 11:25: “The blessing soul will prosper, / And he who waters will also be watered himself.”


This river is huge, this river is deep,
This river is wide,
It’s flowing out from the smitten rock,
The Savior’s side;
This river is clear, this river is pure,
This river is bright,
The Triune God, the glorified Christ,
Resurrection life.

“We have such a great river!”

“You can clean yourself (apply the blood) however much you want, and you’ll be clean, but.. you still need to eat (the Word)! When we come together, instead of discussing, analysing, or condemning, wash one another’s feet (with the water of the Word). Each time we wash one another, we actually beautify the Body bit by bit.”

“Loving one another is proof that the faith we have is genuine. Let brotherly love continue! I love you brothers!”

“That which we have seen and heard we report also to you that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”

-1 John 1:3

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