NACT Day 2 – He first loved us!

Monday, 17th July

Our day began with small group revival fellowship. A lot of the UK sisters are grouped together with sisters from Germany. We watched a short video together about the quality and enrichment of our time with the Lord. Our goal is Christ Himself, not merely to get a supply. Even our confession is so that the barrier is removed so we can contact God directly.

Morning walk to the first meeting.

Last night it took 75 minutes for everyone to enter State Farm Centre. This morning it was 60 minutes. We’ll work on shaving off more time every day!

Backpack lines for those of us who can’t go to the meeting without a bag 😉 The University is very serious about security.
Enjoying while waiting in line! Also, a good time to do memory verses (we get tested on those every day).

First message on the line of truth

The first test went to the saints from Canada!
After the testing, we transitioned to practical fellowship. Today was on “Reading the Word.” We were encouraged to read the Bible daily and sequentially!

Before lunch, two of the cohorts had 30 minutes of time allotted to practice reading the Word. We stayed in the State Farm Centre for this.

We have 3 cohorts for our schedules, include for meal shifts! Rose, black, and blue.

Many of us are in the black cohort and so have lunch in the middle shift.

Afternoon recreation time – frisbee!

Small group fellowship and learning how to shake hands.
Putting it into practice!

Our first rain (slight drizzle) entering into SFC. And we got our transparent bags so the lines go faster!
We’re pursuing HIM!
We’ve got rivers of life, flowing out of our innermost being!
Lord, I just love You (in English and Spanish)
He knows us and He loves us!

“God’s unchanging love is prevailing because it is a love in Christ, with Christ, by Christ, and for Christ.”

– From Love Prevails, Message Two: We Love Because He First Loved Us
We had the opportunity to overflow after the meeting. God likes us and loves us! And we like and love Him too!
He loves us with an eternal love!

More of our enjoyment from this evening:

“Don’t escape God’s love. Allow God’s love to prevail in you in a fresh way in this training.

“Lord Jesus you like us too!!

“Why does he stop us with certain things? Because he knows it will take us away from Him. Because He is a jealous God, because He loves us.

“Lord, I don’t know what’s going on right now, but Lord, I love You and trust in You because I am engraved on the palm of Your hand” ❤️ Isa. 49:16

“We have NO reason to doubt Gods’ love. Lord restrict us and constrain us with Your love.

“Perhaps things aren’t going our way because something or someone is taking God’s place in our hearts and He wants to draw us back to Him because God is jealous over us.

Perhaps we are facing opposition, not because God doesn’t love us, but because God really does love us and the enemy targets us on account of this.

“God love us even before he created us, knowing exactly who we will become, and yet He still chose to create us and love us! Praise Him for His eternal love ❤️”

“Once we experience that God is love, all problems are solved, all situations fade away, nothing else matters. God IS love. Our future, our decisions, everything, and everyone else just seem to be less important.”

“The Lord Jesus not only healed and enlivened; he touched. The leprous man and the crying lonely widow – these experiences are what He lived as a man for 33 years for. Mankind has many concepts about God, and we know He loves us but we don’t really know He loves us. 1 Cor. 3:16 – ‘Lord, I turn my heart. I claim Your promise; take the veil away.'”

“If we have experienced the reality of love which is God’s love become the love of Christ, we will be settled for the rest of our life, we will have no choice but to be flooded and constrained by the love of Christ in many of our life-changing choices.
Oh Lord grant us more experience of Your love!”

God’s love prevails – to prevail means to prove more powerful than opposing forces. May the love of God prevail in us in a fresh way!

Please pray that we would store up all these things in our hearts and keep bringing them to the Lord in prayer. We don’t want to forget what we have heard tonight!

Streaming home at the end of the day after the meeting.
UK sisters picking up our snacks in our dorm before room fellowship ❤️

“That which we have seen and heard we report also to you that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”

-1 John 1:3

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