California Part 2: Day 10 – Anaheim to Santa Ana

Lord’s day, 9th July

On Lord’s day, it was time to say goodbye to our Anaheim hosts! We had a lovely time together this past week 🙂

We joined the English-speaking Lord’s table with the church in Anaheim.

There were visitors from many places all over the whole earth!
The prophesying meeting was an overflow from the entire Semiannual Training. We took the opportunity to speak also!
After the meeting we were joined by the brothers from Norway and saints from Germany and Belfast who were also on our trip and arrived a day or two earlier. Here we are together, ready to roll out to Santa Ana! The other saints from the UK will be arriving later in the day for the start of Part 2 of our blending trip!

Goodbye to Grace Gardens, where we have been staying with the FTTA this week!

Our drivers picked up cars on Saturday evening and Lord’s day morning. On the road to Santa Ana!

We split into two homes for lunch with the local saints. Such a sweet time getting to know one another!

And a very cherishing environment to be in!

We went to a park and the brothers from Santa Ana, the UK, and Argentina played a LOT of football, and really enjoyed it. The saints even brought spare football boots for the visiting saints to use!
The saints also had equipment to set up for volleyball.

And we had a nice shady tree to rest and get to know the local saints and to sing.

Hallelujah for the saints in Santa Ana!

The day wasn’t over, because then we went in our two groups to the saints’ homes for another meal together.

Hallelujah for the blending!

We went to our hosts’ homes to get some rest. We were tired after a busy (but enjoyable week in the training), and the eight of us who arrived today from LAX were VERY tired as it was around 7am in the UK. But it was so nice to be welcomed by the saints (and then to go to bed)!

“That which we have seen and heard we report also to you that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”

-1 John 1:3

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