California Part 1: Day 9 – And we are becoming the New Jerusalem!

Saturday, 8th July

Today was the last day of the July Semiannual Training!

Our last day of eating our sack dinners outside of the MCC!

We really enjoyed the study times this week, to get into the messages more and to blend with saints from many different places.

After the final study session at MCC, there was a special fellowship for the students from one of the brothers.

Brother Minoru encouraged us to be life-long lovers and seekers of the Lord. This is the bridge to NACT and we should stay on this bridge until the New Jerusalem. We need to pursue the subjective experience of all the things we have been in this week and be the Marys in our affectionate love and seeking heart toward the Lord.

We were reminded that:

“Run faster and run further” was shared by one of the co-workers during the Lord’s table to impart a burden to us as the next generation to run faster and run further than they did; to live a life absolute for the truth and be equipped with the truths we are getting into during the Semiannual, which is the culmination of the highest truths the Lord has unveiled to His recovery. May we hold to these truths in love and run the race set before us until the Lord comes back. (2 Tim 4:7-8)

The community study times in the homes and in the halls were also so enjoyable and enlightening! Thank You Lord for the portion of all the saints!

Church in Anaheim, district 3, where the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking saints met for study. There were European saints studying here from Spain and the Netherlands also!

On the way to the last two messages of the training!

And singing with the brothers on the way!

The final two messages were:

11. The Divine-human Incorporation of the Consummated God with the Regenerated Believers
12. Becoming the New Jerusalem

(We are abbreviating some of the message titles; you can get the full titles and audio messages here .)

And here are a few things we enjoyed from the messages!

The divine-human incorporation is the abiding of believers in Christ, and the believers allowing Christ to abide in them. One way for us to abide in Christ is by abiding in the Lord’s constant and written word by reading His word daily, so that we can have His instant and living words abiding in us in our daily situations.

– From Message Eleven

I enjoyed that although these 12 crystals are very high, but the way for all of us to become the New Jerusalem is to stay in the flow, let the flow get inside of you, let the flow flow through you, and let the flow flow out of you.

– From Message Twelve

The training concluded with us all prayerfully singing hymn #1191 to the Lord:

From my spirit within flows a
Fountain of life—
The Triune God flowing in me;
God the Father’s the source,
Christ the Son is the course,
And the Spirit imparts life to me.

Chorus: Lord, I treasure the sweet flow of life,
And my soul-life at last I lay down;
O Lord, deepen the pure flow of life;
At Your coming may life be my crown.

In the fresh, tender grass
Jesus makes me lie down;
He leads me by waters of rest;
No more struggle and strain;
All self-effort is vain;
In the flow I am perfectly blessed.

Jesus called me one day
To the Holiest Place,
To live in His presence divine;
Hallelujah, I’ve heard
An encouraging word:
“Abide—you’re a branch in the vine.”

It was such a wonderful training! May we all continue to digest the messages and bring them to the Lord in prayer so we can enter into the experience of all these things!

We stayed to help with the breakdown service at the end of the training. All the chairs were unhooked and stacked in threes, and this happened VERY fast because all ~3000 people did it!

Then we moved all the chairs to the back of the room.

We got to help with the dust mopping that our FTTA tour guides had told us about last Saturday!

Ready to go!

We had burgers after we finished the breakdown service.

Group photo after breakdown.

It was very late when we got back to our houses (the meeting ended at 9.30pm!) but we were happy we could join in to help with the breakdown service after such a wonderful week of being under the divine dispensing. Thank You Lord for this training and for each one of us who could be here!

“That which we have seen and heard we report also to you that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”

-1 John 1:3

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