California Part 1: Day 8 – We have the divine RIGHT to participate in God’s divinity!

Friday, 7th July

In our study time today, the juniors and seniors (the last two years of university) were tested, some twice! Ready to be tested during the training meeting!

This was a good thing because they did call the university seniors and recent graduates up for the test of message seven! Five of us fall into this category. Two of us spoke at the mic, but we were all standing together along with all the others in our age group. (No pictures from the actual training meetings though, as that is one of the training regulations.)

The test for message eight went to international saints – not us from the UK, but it did include Australia, Belgium, France, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Taiwan. It was a really enjoyable review of the message on Reigning in Life!

Today’s messages were:

9. The Full Ministry of Christ in Three Stages
10. The God-men’s Divine Right to Participate in God’s Divinity

A very key statement brought up in both messages is:

“The Lord’s recovery is God becoming the flesh, the flesh becoming the life-giving Spirit, and the life-giving Spirit becoming the seven-fold intensified Spirit to build up the church that becomes the Body of Christ and that consummates the New Jerusalem.”

Someone shared this in one of the study groups, you can use it as a phone background to remind you of this key statement!

Some of our enjoyment from these two messages:

We are blessed to be in the Lord’s recovery! But what the Lord’s recovery will be and how it will be depend upon how we handle this teaching. Will we take the time to get into all these wonderful truths of Christ’s full ministry, and get these truths into us? Will we allow Him to bring us on so we experience Him not merely in the stage of His incarnation, nor even merely in the stage of His inclusion, but all the way into the stage of His intensification today? May we not just learn these points but also be brought fully into the experience of them!

– From Message Nine

We should pray every day to be brought into the fullest enjoyment and gaining of Christ. Lord, today! Everything else we should count as refuse. This life we enjoy is all fitting, able to fit any situation, environment and treatment. Because of the three stages of Christ’s full ministry, we now have this life to be able to go through any situation, and because He has become intensified sevenfold, we also should advance to be intensified sevenfold to overcome any defeat or death. We have the right to experience Christ in His full ministry!

– From Message Nine

We are not man-kind we are God-kind so we have a divine right to participate in His life! We are created according to His image and His likeness which shows we are God-kind. As God-kind we have been born of God to be children of God. We have the right to participate in what God is and to become God in life and nature but not in the Godhead.

– From Message Ten

Wherever I may be, I need to remember that I am a God-man with the divine right to participate in God’s divinity!

– From Message Ten

I have the RIGHT to the tree of life!

– From Message Ten

During the Friday dinner break, we had a tour of the LSM offices, bookshop, library, and “Joseph’s storehouse” (the warehouse). (LSM is the publisher of the ministry and hosts the Semiannual Training that we have been participating in this week.)

It was amazing to see the publications in so many different (European!) languages, and to get a glimpse into what happens when a book is ordered by phone or online, and how they get picked and packed and shipped out.

This was at the end of our tour, we are all squinting because the sun was so bright!

Back to MCC to eat dinner and prepare for the second message today.

The week has been going very fast, but we have been enjoying it so much!

The saints taking hospitality in homes lingering after the end of message ten – may we keep reminding one another that we have the divine right to enjoy the Tree of Life and to participate in God’s divinity!

Thank the Lord for the brothers on parking service every night so the saints can leave in an orderly and safe way.

Singing on the buses on the ride back to FTTA hospitality, taking freely of the water of life!

“That which we have seen and heard we report also to you that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”

-1 John 1:3

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