California Part 1: Day 7 – Now more than half way through the training!

Thursday, 6th July

Good morning everyone! We are ready for another study time 🙂

Very ready! 😀

We often start with singing the hymns that relate to the messages we are going to study.

Then there is a little review of the messages, and we have some time to study both the previous day’s messages.

Towards the end of the study session, we come back together for some practice testing. Today, the UK brothers were called!

Also some of the UK sisters!

May the Lord keep training us to study the truth diligently, and to speak for Him!

There are also study times happening with the community saints in homes and in meeting halls. This is the church in Anaheim, district 3, where some of the European saints from the UK, Spain, and Netherlands are studying.

More lunchtime blending meeting saints who used to live in the UK – some a LONG time ago (they used to live in the Putney meeting hall!), and some a little more recently.

Today’s messages were:

7. The Two Aspects of God’s Complete Salvation—Judicial Redemption Plus Organic Salvation
8. Reigning in Life

And here are a few things we enjoyed from the messages!

God’s complete salvation includes not only the judicial aspect but also the organic aspect. Romans 5:10 shows these two aspects clearly. “Reconciled to God through the death of His Son” shows the judicial aspect, whereas “saved in His life” shows the organic aspect. The judicial aspect of God’s salvation was accomplished in the physical realm when the Lord Jesus died for us on the cross, forgiving and washing us from our sins, and reconciling us back to God. However this is not the end. God still goes on to save us day by day through His Spirit in our spirit by feeding us, sanctifying us dispositionally and eventually we will be glorified fully when the Lord returns. Praise the Lord!

– From Message Seven

We are those gifted with God’s economy. We also have a responsibility to care for all around us to lead them to see. God desires all men to come to Him. He has done this for us. God’s complete salvation deals with the judicial and the inward (organic). So we do not have a change in position but also in constitution. We can have the very LIFE of GOD. We may have the life, nature and expression of God. Not merely the gospel of sins forgiven and going to heaven, but far superior – He is making us ONE with Him.

– From Message Seven

God’s complete salvation is for us to reign in life by the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness. Genesis1:26 and 28 tells us God wants man to have dominion and to subdue this whole earth. Reigning implies there is a warfare between God and His enemy. In Acts 16:18, we receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance, which means we have a divine right. Reigning in life is part of our inheritance. By the Lord’s abounding grace, we are able to reign in life and to subdue all kinds of insubordination.

– From Message Eight

During the dinner break today, there was a special fellowship about Europe in the main meeting room. A lot of saints sat and ate their dinner while listening to the fellowship.

There was a thirteen minute video that included some segments about the planned Bible distribution for the Paris Olympics, and Rome, and Iceland. May the Lord keep moving all over Europe!

There was also a segment about the Bower House construction project for the FTTL, and we thought it looked so great!

Even if some of us might end up in the training before it is completed… may the Lord release the funds and the saints so the construction work can take place quickly!

If you would like to see it, the video report we watched has already been posted here: An Update Concerning Europe.

The brothers invited all the saints to come to Europe! Come to the FTTL, and to Bower House to build or visit, and to France for the Bible distribution for the Torch Relay and Olympics, and for the follow-up.

The brothers said that the distribution in France would be not just a two-week thing but a six-month thing, and it is not just for France, but all of Europe is coordinating, even all over the earth.

“Praise the Lord for His move in Europe;
He just needs more of us to be there.”

– Concluding word of the Europe Fellowship

May the Lord release many saints over the whole earth to pray, to give, and to go. Thank You, Lord that we are members of Your one Body!

“That which we have seen and heard we report also to you that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”

-1 John 1:3

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