California Part 1: Day 6 – The Lord is our Shepherd!

Wednesday, 5th July

Staying with FTTA, we all participate in practical service, which includes meal prep, sack lunch prep, and cleaning. The saints who are on breakfast prep have an additional singing service!

It is so enjoyable to start the day with our hearts being turned to the Lord in this way!

After breakfast, we spend personal time with the Lord before the student study time. The car park is very spacious and we have plenty of room to spread out and take a walk with the Lord!
The study times are very helpful, and we appreciate the portion of the saints in our groups! Especially those who have been able to take good notes during the messages and are able to help fill in any gaps that we may have had 🙂
The only thing is that we wish there was more time given to study each message!

We go straight from study time to lunch in the cafeteria.
And then after rest time, the shuttles pick us up again to bring us back to the MCC for the meeting.

We arrive quite early, so we are learning to redeem the time to prepare more in case we will be tested today…

We weren’t!

But the messages were really enjoyable, especially the second one! Today’s messages were:

5. The God-man Living
6. Shepherding according to God

Here is some of our enjoyment!

I was so touched how the Lord chose to deny His perfect human life and live by another life, that of the Father. We were put into the mold of this life at our baptism and He now becomes our reality within to live the God-man living in us, a life that is never disappointed and that never gets discouraged. An all-fitting life that shepherds and that is a law in us, the law of love!

– From Message Five

I very much enjoy that the Lord also shepherds our soul. He shepherds from the spirit but does not stop there, He also cares for our complicated soul, so every part of us is being shepherded!

– From Message Six

The Lord is the Shepherd and Overseer of my soul (1 Pet. 2:25). He wants to take care of every part of my being – my mind, emotion, will, including all my imaginations, dreams, problems and wounds. In fact, He has to take care of our soul because our soul is made to express Christ and also to enjoy the Christ we are experiencing in our spirit. Thank the Lord that as the Shepherd of my soul, He just wants me to be open to Him and allow Him to adjust anything in me that hinders me from enjoying Him.

– From Message Six

During the dinner break on Wednesday, all the saints were invited to tour the Bibles for America (BfA) distribution centre, which is a few minutes walk from the MCC.

The tour started with a small presentation and some ministry quotes about the importance of spreading the word.

Then we used QR codes to visit the six stations of the self-guided tour

It was so interesting seeing how the saints at BfA take care of fulfilling all the free Bible orders!

BfA has other tracts and booklets available too, in many different languages.
They also have apparel and other resources for saints to carry out local Bible distributions!
Every Bible is put inside a slipcover.
And it goes down a conveyor belt.

And gets automatically shrink-wrapped!

The end result!

It is really encouraging how many Bibles have been distributed!

We enjoyed our tour of BfA and seeing how it all works!

And even left with a few freebies 🙂

May the Word of God continue to run over the whole earth!

“That which we have seen and heard we report also to you that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”

-1 John 1:3

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