California Part 1: Day 5 – More building and more blending!

Tuesday, 4th July

On Tuesday morning, after breakfast, we had our first study session.

All the students study together at the MCC, from 9am till 11.45am.

The very first morning, our study groups are formed according to the rows we sit in. This becomes our study group for the whole week.

We study the two messages from the previous evening, by reviewing the outlines and the study questions.

Afterwards, those of us staying in FTTA hospitality go straight to the cafeteria next door to eat lunch.

The other saints go back to their hospitality for lunch and rest time.

Local saints often invite others to lunch for more blending! These are sisters from the UK, San Diego, Australia, Wisconsin, Las Vegas, San Bernadino, Albuquerque, and Anaheim!

The afternoon schedule begins again with travelling to the MCC for the 3.55pm meeting. We can’t be late otherwise the doors will be shut!

The two messages today were:

3. God Building Himself in Christ into Our Being

4. Blending and the Reality of the Body of Christ

Here are a few nuggets from these messages:

I thought that all my plants needed was soil, water and light. After message 3 I realized that the same way my plants need compost (nutrients) to enrich the soil and bear fruit, my heart needs to be enriched with the Triune God so I can grow and bear fruit! More than exercising my spirit and being satisfied with Him there, I need to open my heart and let Him grow!

– From Message 3

I was very touched from message 4 on blending and what blending is in reality, how necessary it is and what it issues in. Especially with us being on a blending trip, it is so good to hear that “blending” is not just a social, outward activity, but there should be an inward reality and this is by touching the Spirit in our spirit. In this way there is a substance added to our getting together whether for coffee or other outward things. The Spirit flowing among us blends us into one loaf and brings in the reality of the Body and the God-man living. We need to open to be touched by others and to touch others in blending and thus we genuinely care for one another in living by another life, the life of reality in Jesus Christ.

– From Message 4

At dinner time, we were joined by some saints who have family in the UK.

Some of us enjoyed our first In-N-Out experience!

Before each message from Tuesday onwards, there is a test. We were thankful that we were not called for the test today (it was FTTA second years for the first message, and then current and recent FTTA-XB and FTTA Middle-aged Trainees for the second test), but we will keep studying and preparing every day!

May the Lord make everything we are hearing our experience and our reality!

Live Update (6 July): We are posting our blog a day or two behind, but as a current prayer request, we would like to ask the saints back home to please pray for the health of us all here at the Semiannual Training! A couple of us have had cold symptoms, and there are saints some of us have been around who have since tested positive for covid. There are around 3000 saints here at the Semiannual! May the Lord limit the spread of any illness, and minimise any disruption to the release of His word, our receiving His speaking, and also to our participation in the blending trip and trainings. Thank you saints for standing with us!

“That which we have seen and heard we report also to you that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”

-1 John 1:3

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