California Part 1: Day 2 – FTTA, Chick-fil-A, and the saints in SJC!

Saturday, 1st July

Saturday was the FTTA graduation day! Praise the Lord for each of the 73 graduating trainees!

The subject of the FTTA graduation was Living as Open Vessels in Ordinary Days Under the Divine Dispensing.

This was extremely similar to the topic from the FTTL graduation last month! We felt like the Lord really wanted to reiterate this point to us that we need to be open vessels and be under His daily, normal, steady dispensing!

A few of us knew some of the graduates. It was wonderful to be there to rejoice with them!

Shortly after the graduation, we gathered outside to meet our lovely FTTA tour guides who had so kindly volunteered to show us around the “TC” (Training Centre).

We saw the library and personal and group study areas, and enjoyed all the verses on the walls.

The FTTA Training Centre seems like a really lovely environment to dive into the Word and the ministry, both personally in private study, and in group study times!

There was even one section with the key verses and footnotes from the Recovery Version showing the stages of transformation of a loving seeker of the Lord! (Click to see these images larger.)

We made sure to take a group picture when we exited the building 🙂 But that wasn’t the end of the tour!

Our next stop was inside the Ministry Conference Centre (MCC), where the graduation had been held, and where the Semiannual Training will be, and where the FTTA trainees have some of their classes.

Those of us here will be joining the Semiannual Training which starts on Monday (more will be joining the SoCal trip on the 9th, after the Training). For around half of us, this is our first time at the Semiannual Training. Please pray for our being open to the Lord and to His dispensing!

We also visited the first and second year classrooms, and the cafeteria (where some of us will be having our meals this coming week). The trainees also showed us the best place to fill up our water bottles 🙂 Fill us Lord!

We couldn’t resist taking a picture sitting in the second year classroom! We noticed that some of the tables are for people who are left-handed and some are for those who are right-hand. Each FTTA trainee has a designated chair just for them!

The grounds of the MCC are truly beautiful, and a great place to walk and fellowship with the Lord and with other saints. Everything about the TC and MCC was planned and built by the saints. We can’t wait to see how Bower House will also be developed in the coming years!

There was also a special place called, “The Forest,” a lovely place to take a walk with the Lord!

Our tour concluded here, and we made sure to take one more group picture. Thank you sisters for spending this time with us and giving us a glimpse of your ordinary days under the divine dispensing in the FTTA!

After that, some fast food was needed for our late lunch. We enjoyed our Chick-fil-A experience! And learned later that an “Arnold Palmer” is a mix of lemonade and iced tea.

We also drove across the street(!) to go to Walmart to pick up things some of us needed.

We went back down to SJC, and brother Mark took some of us on a lovely, short coastal walk in Dana Point. It was overcast and cooler than we expected, but still lovely!

We enjoyed being outdoors and being together. Praise the Lord!

Back at the meeting hall, the saints had prepared a feast for us 🙂

The SJC young people normally meet together on Saturday evenings and we enjoyed singing some of their favourite songs together with them.

We were also asked to share some of our testimonies of being YP and to have a “story time” with them. We found this encouraging too!

A final picture at the end of Day 2! Thank You Lord for the blending and for the saints of all ages!

“That which we have seen and heard we report also to you that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”

-1 John 1:3

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