Part 3: Blending Day 1 – The Blending Trip Continues!

Today marks the start of Part 3 of our journey. It started with the Lord’s table and English-speaking overflow meeting with the church in Anaheim, California.

We met with 747 saints and had overflow from the Semiannual Training on the book of Numbers. Approximately 150 people shared including some from our blending group!

After this we went to a Mexican buffet near the meeting hall, which had been recommended by some local saints. We really enjoy trying new food while we are blending!

Towards the end of lunch, some of the drivers went to pickup the extra two cars for this part of the trip, so unfortunately they missed our big group photo!

Then we went to Downtown Disney. We tried out Jamba Juice and Salt & Straw.

After that, we drove down to San Juan Capistrano and had dinner in the homes with the saints giving us hospitality. A great beginning to this part of the trip!


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