Part 2: Semiannual Training Day 4 – meals and practical service!

Every day we had breakfast and lunch prepared by the trainees and served in the FTTA cafeteria. We would have a variety of foods each day from eggs and bagels to pancakes and cereals in the morning, and for lunch we had spaghetti one day, pulled pork burgers another day, and taco salad yet another day. The food was very delicious and we were happily full by the end of each meal.

In the evenings we would have packed dinners which involved choosing a pre-made sandwich, and then lettuce and tomatoes for the sandwich, fruit, carrot sticks, crisps, a granola bar, and a bottle of water, then packing it all in a brown paper bag – a trainee’s dinner! Some chose to buy their dinner from stalls in the carpark. Saints sold different kinds of cuisines such as Chinese food and pizza. There was even a bubble tea stall… a popular destination every evening break!

Saints from Long Beach, California having corporate dinner with a UK sister during the evening break

The saints staying with the FTTA were also allocated practical services to do throughout the week. This could be from dust mopping to packing lunches. It was a great opportunity to have a taste of what trainee-life was like. Those who were packing dinners had to prepare more than 300 sandwiches! Dust mopping not only involved sweeping the floors until no dust was left but some were also enjoyed singing hymns to turn to their spirit.


Message Seven
The All-inclusive Christ
Being the Allotted Portion of the Saints,
according to God’s Choice,
as Their Divine Inheritance for Their Enjoyment

Our Enjoyment: This message speaks of the distribution of the good land which typifies the sharing of the enjoyment of the rich Christ. The tribes of Reuben and Gad made a certain request with regards to their portion of the land, but this was not right as it was according to their choice of what they thought was best for them. In the end they only settled for second best and didn’t receive an inheritance in the actual good land of Canaan.

In serving the Lord, we should learn to give up our own choices and to leave matters in the Lord’s hands when receiving our allotted portion. It is better to not act according to our choice but to allow the Lord Jesus to lead us. We should be those who do not substitute the second best for the best which is according to God’s will. Our self-choice has nothing to do with the real enjoyment of the Lord. May we be those who reach God’s glorious goal, the rich inheritance of Christ!


Message Eight
Authority, Rebellion,
the Vindication of Delegated Authority,
and a Proper Representative of God

Our Enjoyment: If you haven’t met authority, you haven’t met God. God has all authority and issues all authority, including His delegate authority, out from His own being. Offending His authority is the same as offending God Himself. May we pray that we have a submissive will for the Lord. In order to be God’s representatives on the earth, we need to be those who submit to His authority, humble ourselves before the Lord, and serve, shepherd and supply the saints in love.

“That which we have seen and heard we report also to you that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”

-1 John 1:3

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