Part 1: Blending Day 2 – Longbeach, boat cruise, and home meetings in Cerritos

Some group members suffering from severe jetlag woke up hungry and took a very early morning walk to Chick-fil-A (they were first in line waiting for it to open). Chick-fil-A became a growing favourite among the group. 

For everyone else, the first meal of the day was breakfast from McDonalds, delivered to us by one of the sisters in Cerritos. What a treat! The brothers came over for breakfast and many of us couldn’t wait to tuck into the hash browns. Some of us were also eager to try the unique American McGriddle Sandwich, exclusive to the USA – egg, bacon, sausage and cheese served on pancakes with maple syrup!

Before heading out, we enjoyed a time of singing and some Bible reading. We also went round and introduced ourselves as we are from various parts of the UK and before this trip not all of our group knew one another – hallelujah for the blending!


We read Numbers 21, as part of our preparation for the upcoming Semiannual Training on the book of Numbers:

Numbers 21:16-18

”And from there they journeyed to Beer; that is the well where Jehovah said to Moses,
Gather the people together,
and I will give them water.
Then Israel sang this song:
Spring up, O well! Sing to it!
The well, which the leaders sank.
Which the nobles of the people dug,
With the scepter, with their staffs.
And from the wilderness they journeyed to Mattanah.”


The well typifies Christ and the water from the well typifies the Spirit. When we take Christ as the springing well, He is for our enjoyment! We can drink Him as the living water! We just need to keep digging this well until there are no barriers for Christ to flow through us!

We then met a family from Birmingham staying elsewhere and they joined us to travel to Longbeach. There we met some local sisters and we had lunch all together at The Hangar, a local eatery. 

There were a variety of international food options to try from Vietnamese sandwiches to Mexican tacos! One thing that the sisters suggested was a country fried chicken poutine at The Kroft. Some of us also got our first bubble teas or as they call them in the States… boba!

The main attraction of our day was a whale watching cruise. We travelled to another part of Longbeach, where a few other sisters joined us, and embarked on a breezy boat tour.  

Once we set off, it was really windy, but that served as a nice distraction from the blazing Californian sun. The boat ride was really fun. We didn’t end up seeing any whales but we were however mesmerised by the pod of dolphins that swam in the waves alongside our boat. 

Our day concluded with spending time in the homes of the local saints in Cerritos. We split into smaller groups and were in five different homes. This was such an enjoyable time of blending with all the saints and experiencing the Body life, in particular experiencing home meetings abroad. Praise the Lord we all share the same Christ!

We felt so shepherded by the saints who prepared a lot of different foods. Everything was delicious! 


In one home meeting, the saints overflowed their enjoyment of Christ during the week, and we sang a lot of songs about enjoying and rejoicing in Christ. Hallelujah, He is our joy!

We thoroughly enjoyed hymn 348:

“O hallelujah, yes, ’tis joy!
For it is Christ that I enjoy!
On land or sea, what matters where?
  Where Jesus is, my joy is there.”

In another home meeting, the saints fellowshipped regarding the work they have been doing to support the young people to participate in the local church. This was so encouraging!

Although many of us were still experiencing some jet lag and could fall asleep at any moment, we felt so cared for.

Thank You Lord for the saints in Cerritos! We appreciate your portion of Christ and are thankful for your hospitality!

“That which we have seen and heard we report also to you that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”

-1 John 1:3

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