More TOP enjoyment from the blending trip!


This year the Summer Blending Trip was in Europe! We visited Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. There were 26 of us and we hired 3 large vans and a car. We drove in convoy to the different cities and stayed in contact with each other using walkie talkies.

We ended up using walkie talkies mainly to sing songs to each other and even managed to do a Bible quiz on the road!

During the trip we read through ‘Fellowshipping with the Lord for the Mingling of God with Man’. In order to be used by God we firstly need to be a person of prayer and be ones who ‘continue steadfastly in prayer and in the ministry of the word’.  (Acts 6:4).

One point I enjoyed is when we come to the Lord, often our mind leads our soul, and our will is dormant. Our mind can go half way around the world and back and can be very distracted. However, to touch our spirit we must use our will. We need to exercise to block out all other things to touch the most inner part of our being.

Also another point is that we can pay a certain price for the Lord however that does not mean we can forget about fellowshipping with the Lord. No! Rather we should continue in fellowship with the Lord.

My top enjoyment was meeting the saints and listening to their testimonies on how they migrated to Europe. A family had an experience where the Lord was truly thrusting them out of their country. They had detailed plans of what they wanted to do and where they wanted to go. The Lord messed up these plans and they were not sure what the Lord was doing or where He wanted them to go.  But doors where opened and doors where shut until they made it to the city that the Lord had prepared for them. They did not even know why the Lord had moved them to Germany. Why did he not let them move to London? A few months later the Refugee Crisis began and they knew exactly what the Lord had been doing and why they needed to be there. These saints exhorted us to have constant fellowship with the Lord. Although they did not know what was happening to them in their situation they had constant fellowship with the Lord and this afforded a way for them to be useful to the Lord.

After reflecting on this trip my prayer is ‘Lord in these days rekindle my Love towards you, I want to be diligent to constantly fellowship with you and to be useful to you’.


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“Once we have seen Christ, we never take the same way but always take another way.” (Matthew 2:12 footnote 2)

Praise the Lord! We have seen CHRIST throughout this trip… while we were eating, drinking, playing, staying together (spiritually and also physically), while we were meeting with local saints in each locality. Each one’s CHRIST is so precious and special. It was a CHRIST AND THE CHURCH sightseeing. We never take the same way but always take another way. What a blessing! Many thanks for everyone as all are needed and equally precious… especially the serving ones, thanks for their cherishing and nourishing.

“Lord, I treasure the sweet flow of life,
And my soul-life at last I lay down;
O Lord, deepen the pure flow of life;
At Your coming may life be my crown.”
(Hymn 1191)

We are in the sweet flow of life and we are flowing it out whenever and wherever we are: London, Brussels, Antwerp, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Bonn, Aachen, Delft, Ter Aar, Utrecht and Spakenburg… In the flow we are perfectly blessed and people around us are blessed as well. O Lord, deepen the pure flow of life; At Your coming may life be our crown.

“Channels of life are we,
Allowing God to flow!
Through us and out of us
That others life may know!”
(My favorite hymn in the song book from the Netherlands.)

Thank You Lord, for bringing us together to blend and be build up together as the church, the Body of Christ.

“That which we have seen and heard we report also to you that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”

-1 John 1:3

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