Day 9 – Enjoyment in Düsseldorf

We had a very enjoyable day!

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This morning we had our morning fellowship meeting at the hostel.

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We had lunch at the market.

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Mmm, yummy!

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And some of us found frozen yogurt!

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We had some time where we were free to look around, so one group went to an art museum.

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There was a really pretty park in front of it.

Today was a brother’s birthday.
May the Lord answer his prayer and make more home in his heart this year!

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And we also had a joyful singing time by the river.

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We took another cruise, this time we went along the River Rhine.

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It was amazing, even though a few of us fell asleep (the boat ride was so soothing).

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We left a gospel seed inside this really cool public bookshelf.

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This evening we went to a home and were joined by the saints in Düsseldorf. The fellowship was so sweet!

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We especially enjoyed hearing the testimony of a brother who recent migrated here.


Praise the Lord for His move in His Body!

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We look forward to tomorrow, and another day to enjoy more Christ, Christ, Christ!

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