Day 8 – From Frankfurt to Düsseldorf

In the morning we all came together in a saints’ home and sang songs and overflowed our enjoyment from our time in Frankfurt. One thing that really encouraged us during our time here was the testimony of the saints who migrated, and how they were in constant fellowship with the Lord.

WhatsApp-Image-20160720 (1)

We had a quick lunch and went on a boat tour on Main River.


It was sooooo hot (like 30 Celsius), that we basically sat up top and drank slushies!


Afterwards we drove to Düsseldorf, and it took longer than expected because of traffic. But thank You Lord for WhatsApp to communicate! (The walkie-talkies were out of battery today.)

WhatsApp-Image-20160720 (2)

We made it safely to Düsseldorf! When we arrived, we met up with the saints and literally took over a restaurant. The portion sizes were huge, and it was very nice.

We are in the hotel now, and planning to get an earlier night and have a slower morning – travelling can be tiring 🙂

Lord, be our rest tonight!


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