Day 13 – Distributing Bibles in Delft

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The Delft group had an early start to the morning.

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We went to the Delta works.

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It was really informative!

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We learnt about the water level controlling system and the construction of the site.

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Then we had lunch and fellowship in a brother’s home and personal time with the Lord.

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We then went out to the Delft Train station for Bible distribution. We split to two tables at both entrances to the train station.

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On average we handed out 15 Bibles at each table. It was a good response generally, and it was because of the saints intercession!

I enjoyed we need to be expanded in boundaries, in terms of nationalities, languages, likes and dislikes, preferences, etc. Especially today during the Bible distribution we had such diverse receivers – Dutch, Korean, Mandarin-speaking and English. The Lord is really flowing out to reach everyone!

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We did a little touring around the city centre before going back home.

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In the evening, we had a fun time with our hospitality singing after dinner and a farewell group photo!

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