Day 13 – Boats and Bibles in Ter Aar and Leiden


The Ter Aar group started the morning together having fellowship in the saints’ home.

WhatsApp-Image-20160725 (43)

We went on a boat ride to Leiden old town. Thank you to our captain!

On the boat!

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We went back to the saints’ home for lunch and fellowship for the Bible distribution.

WhatsApp-Image-20160725 (48)

Heading out to distribute Bibles.

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We distributed Bibles at Leiden Centre Station. Some policemen even received Bibles at the end.

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It was enjoyable to speak to people about the Lord!

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We went to another home for dinner. We ate the best dumplings in the Netherlands! Thank you to our sister who made them for us!

And thank You Lord for such a wonderful time with all the saints in the Netherlands!

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