Day 11 – To Delft, Ter Aar, Utrecht and Spakenburg


Today was our last day in Germany.

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Goodbye dear saints, we will miss you. (Although we are keeping one of you with us for a few days!)

In the early afternoon, we drove to the Netherlands. One group drove first to Delft, another group drove to Ter Aar, and another group to Utrecht.

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Those of us in Utrecht went kayaking on the canals.


We conquered the canals!

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(By no means did the canals conquer us…)

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Hallelujah for the saints in Utrecht!

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Afterwards we went to Spakenburg for a BBQ with the families there.

Singing with the saints in Spakenburg after the BBQ.

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Those of us who went to Delft visited the town. Then we joined the group in Ter Aar and also had a BBQ with the saints.

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Feasting and enjoying and blending!

Meanwhile, elsewhere, a couple of the Dutch bothers decided to jump in the lake behind their house and pull another brother in a giant tyre!

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For this last part of the trip, we are all taking hospitality with the saints.

How wonderful to always be home in the church!

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